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Hey! there you are ;), Welcome to my humble website dedicated to Dr Doom ( but not only) , my name is Matthieu-David, i'm working to become a movie D.P. and... oh well enough about me...enjoy your stay in my little universe :)

What is Latveria ?      Who is Dr Doom ? 

 Added a dr doom sketch by Kevin O'Neill in the "Sketches " section! ( thanks a lot Kevin ! )

Added the colored version of Olivier Coipel and José villarubia's  Litho ( in the chatroom section )

 And still The full first issue of "Common Foe" by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski can be found in the Art Pages section ! 

thanks to JJ and to Joe Pruett from Desperado  for this exclusive gift !

( Go buy that book ! it's a killer ! )


And I'm back in the con' and signing biz ! So if you're a retailer in France or an artist and if you're interrested check the "Signings" section ( Plus you'll see pictures and sketches from the previous events )


If you're looking for infos on the "Château d'Avezan" Go directly in the Chat Section.

By the way there are still some improvements i need to make, so feel free to tell me what you like and dislike here ;)   : Mylatveria@hotmail.com 

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