07/09/2005 a dr doom sketch by Kevin O'Neill added in the "Sketches " section and at last the colored version of Olivier Coipel and Josť Villarubia's litho !
06/09/2005 The full first issue of "Common Foe" by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski can be found in the Art Pages section , another EXCLUSIVE for Latveria ! ;)
04/24/2005 The Making Of "Bullseye#5" cover by Mike Deodato Jr !
04/17/2005 The First 5 pages in pencil  of "COMMON FOE " by JJ Dzialowski and on your request some pages of x-men #448 by Olivier Coipel  are now in the chatroom in a bigger size ( way bigger ;) )
02/15/2005 on your request some pages of x-men #166 are now in the chatroom in a bigger size ( way bigger ;) ) + i added some comments from Salva in the Art pages of course !
02/09/2005 The full issue in Pencils of X-men #166 by Salvador Larroca is in the Art Pages section  
02/01/2005 Added 5 pages in pencils for Ultimate Nightmare # 4 by Trevor Hairsine
01/29/2005 Added The roughs and pencils for the variant cover of New Avengers #3 by Olivier Coipel 
01/23/2005 Added The pencils for the variant cover of New Avengers #2 by Trevor Hairsine and The Making Of Olivier Coipel and Josť Villarubia's Litho for the Angouleme Festival  ( in the chatrrom )
01/01/2005 Happy New Year ! ( updated the "Goodies" section )
12/24/2004 Merry Christmas ! ( updated the library )
12/23/2004 the Chatroom is alive ;) No really ! I posted a few exclusive stuff : From Sketches by Jean-Jacques to roughs and pencils for the Bullseye#2 cover by Mike Deodato Jr ! 
11/28/2004 you can see some of the sketches Mike Deodato Jr did at our signing in Paris in the "signings" section.
11/23/2004 Exclusive: The full issue of Amazing Spider-Man #512 in pencils by Mike Deodato Jr +  reworked panels and the full storyboard !!! ( all this in the "Art Pages " section )
10/03/2004 Souvenirs from last convention : a mini report and a sketch gallery
09/16/2004 Exclusive : the whole issue of Uncanny X-men # 448  in pencils can be seen in the Art pages section ( thanks Olivier ) + a little page which serves as a creator guest book + updated the Library section
08/26/2004 The interview of Jeph Loeb is finally here !
08/18/2004 here it is : Legendary inker Dan Green's interview ! + at last some new sketches by : Bruno Bellamy, Lee Bermejo, Richard Isanove, Francis Manapul and Carlos Pacheco !

And "Doomy " ( the Mascot ) just got colored by the talented Karine Boccanfuso !!!! Thank you with all my heart Karine !

08/08/2004  Updated the Library and exceptionaly there is an interview i didn't do ;) of Jean-Jacques Dzialowski in the "Creators Street" in the Chat Room, go check it :) 
07/27/2004 Well since I can't sleep since my mom is in the hospital, i decided to update this place a bit so here it is: an exclusive interview with Mr Risso i did last May, some new links and new infos on the con's I organise.
07/10/2004 Just a few fixings here an there, + completed my collection of Cards in the goodie section + my buddy Ben  Basso colored my logo and i think it  looks awesome this way ! thanks a lot Ben  ! 
05/23/2004 added 5 exclusive pages of Jean-Jaques Dzialowski's take on the Hulk nuff said issue ( located in the Chat Room ), added two galleries of sketches done by JJD and Olivier Coipel last Saturday at the "Toystar" signing event. Added new Mascot done by JJD ( thanks buddy! ) and my Cards collection in the "Goodies" section.
05/09/2004 added commentaries with the LOTDK #177 pages and in the chat section an exclusive look at a page from upcoming french Darkness.
04/17/2004 An interview with Aaron Lopresti + all the Art Pages from Legends of The Dark Knight #177 + a couple of links and fixing here and there :) and new navigation buttons done by my buddy Ben Basso !
03/28/2004 3 more interviews : I completed the one with Mike Oeming and added one with Bob Layton and one with Paul Renaud ! + created new banners that suits the website better I think + more links.
03/06/2004 added Jean-Jacques Dzialowski's commentarie to the Batgirl 48 ( yeah I know I'm late ),  Added 2 new interviews : Paul Ryan and Marv Wolfman ( I'm late too ), changed the Latveria logo, added some more covers in the Library section...
02/20/2004 New section added where you can see all the art pages from Batgirl 48 and more :)
01/18/2004 oups I got too busy with my movies and with the french website i work for... sorry... So anyway I added some sketches : by Terry dodson, Olivier and Stephane Peru, Stephane Lous, Christophe Iona and Benjamin Basso ( but I haven't done the commentay yet) and I updated the link section,
01/03/2004 Latveria is officially online ! ( thanks a lot  to Adrien from Toystar who helped me to finally upload the whole thing ! check their website at www.toystar.fr
11/15/2003:  grrrr bought a new computer and decided to change the name of the website . From now on it's "Latveria"  ( and it's still not online ) ( makes me wonder why i do updates on an offline website LOL )
09/ / 2003 and 09/ / 2003    the french convention i helped organised did very well  ( but I got screwed over my by ex-partners who took all the credits :( . Why am i not surprised ? well actually I was  ) 
09/11/2003:  I left my former website "Comicverse" due to " creative differences" ;) ( got tired of the same old bullshits )
08/25/2003  freaking computer broke, cost a bunch to repair :( 
Creation of the  Doomverse ( Alex spent the whole afternoon teaching me how to use Frontpage ). It's still a long way before the website is completed but still this was a huge step. Thanks a lot Alex !