Latveria is a fictional country  in east Europe ruled by a character called Victor von Doom. Victor von Doom or "Dr Doom" is a comic book character created by Stan Lee and  Jack Kirby in July 1962 for Marvel Comics .

Dr Doom is the arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four but from the start he was different than the other bad guys. He was portrayed as a man who had a different vision of the world and who didnít see himself as a bad guy.

As for why choosing ďLatveriaĒ for the name of my website, itís because ďDr DoomĒ is the nickname I got from my American friends since I was a child. It seems that I shared some of the character traits ( independent, sense of honourÖ, and I spent a lot of time in my fatherís castle ;) ). But no,  Iím not  a self pompous freak who likes to wear masks and dream of ruling the world  !

So, in Latveria youíre in my land but youíre most welcomed! I hope youíll have some fun visiting ( even briefly ) and that youíll like what you see.

I got a couple of things to ask you though to improve my website :

My English is far from perfect so if you can point me my mistakes Iíll be more than happy to correct them  and also if you see stuff you donít like or if you want me to add some specific things, Iíll be more than happy to improve the website.

You can write me at

I donít have much free time since my work in movies is very consuming but Iíll do my best to update the website as much as I can.