This is  my little guest book for Artists and Writers who comes by... 

( It may look like an ego thing and maybe it is but anyway i felt like sharing what creators think of my little website )


Mike Zeck, 08/01/2004 :

"I spent some time browsing there, and your collection of ‘Doom sketches is quite nice. The site in general shows the appreciation of comics and comics art, and is a ‘fun place to spend a little time."     


Jeph Loeb, 08/28/2004: 

"It's a fantastic site.  Take a look around and you'll see why most folks never want to leave -- it's a little like Latveria itself, beautiful, peaceful and where everyone is HAPPY.  Where they don't want to leave... EVER!  Enjoy!"


Mike Deodato Jr, 11/22/2004: 

" I like this site a lot! Specially the "sketches" and "art pages" sections. Plus, it was made by my good friend Matthieu-David, one of the nicest persons I've met! Way to go, M-D! :)"