Artists corner


Discover the work of this painter Extraordinaire !



The artist behind Tomb raider success has many cards up his sleevs, you should go check!



You may have seen some of Stephane Louis ' work ( his sketches, the cover to Strangers 6, a pin-up for spawn) but wait till you see his amazing work on TESSA !



Do I really need to introduce David Mack ? Go here to know and see everything about this great artist. there you'll also find a Message Board  where you can  talk to the man himself !




Essad Ribic Website : Some of Essad's work include awesome paintings for Marvel covers and art on  titles like Four Horsemen, Brotherhood ...



Stephane Roux comes from the little world of animation and now he is taking the comics world and trust me he is gonna be a killer ! You don't believe me ? Go check his website !




Gil mixes 2d and 3d , old atmosphere  and futuristic atmosphere with talent . This guy is as talented as he is nice and trust me: He is really really nice ! So go check his work. 




Ivan Brandon's Website : The Writer of RUULE, Gene Fusion,T3:Before the Rise and much more...



Leandro Fernandez Website : News, infos, art for sale...Everything on this Awesome Artist ! 



Sean, the writer of the Waiting place, Sentinel, Inhumans , Mystique and much more got his own very cool website. Check it out !



Here is the website of Richard Starkings compagny !

Dave Johnson : did you know that between doing amazing covers ( 100 bullets , Batman...) and working for Warner Bros, he was also a Reverend ?



Mike Oeming 's Website: The Artist behind Powers, Bastard Samuraļ, Hammer of the gods...



Artist extraordinaire, Aleksi is among other things responsible for the art in  "Spawn Simonie". He is really gifted , go check gfor yourself.





The two brothers : Olivier and Stephane started as colorists and now they are doing eveythin' on the serie "Shaman". You should really check this !



The great website of the Red Star Team! ( home of Chris Gosset, Bradley Kayl and Snakebite)



A young  french artist, you should watch closely. ( very nice guy too ;) )




Bruno is the artist of " Sylfine" and his also famous for his pin-ups : the " Bellaminettes". You'll find many great things on his website but the section I like the most is " showergate" where Bruno shows his behind the scene art and litteraly explains how he draws ! Awesome ! 



The website of Aaron Lopresti 



The brand new website of a talented french artist: Patrice Lesparre



The website of Stuart Immonen



Discover this new french artist!






Joe's  website ! there is a huge and very interresting message board where you'll meet plenty of artists and Joe himself !