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Crossgen is a pretty good comicbooks publisher formed by Mark Alessi. they had some trouble recently and had to stop some of their titles unfortunately. Still they produce great quality comics



Come on you all know that Image was created by the hot creators of Marvel right ?  

They publish some pretty cool comics, among them :  Libery meadows, PVP, Savage Dragon , wanted...


 Semic is known for a couple of stuff: this french publisher used to translate Marvel Comics. Now they translate Dc and other compagnies but they also publish there own comics : like "Strangers" for exemple or "Spawn Simonie"

Marvel , DC : Hang on ! CLIMAX IS COMING !!!!!

A great  french magasine where you can read interviews, very complete articles, a porte-folio section and much more ! 





Do i really need to present the home of Spidey, the X-men, the Hulk, Toad, pas pote pete, the kangooroo.... oups wrong turn here ;)



Do I really need to present the home of Batma, Superman, the flash, Wonder Woman, Krypto, ... humm have I made a similar joke somewhere already   ? ;)