Websites where you can buy comics, art pages...




A great toy and comic shop in Paris with whom I organise a lot of signings ! The Toystar crew is amazing !!


The comicshop that organise the biggest convention in Paris every year !

Special thanks to Numa  for his friendship when my ex-partners from the Comicverse tried to screw me.  



A huge comicbook shop in Paris, famous for organising signings of international artists such as Todd McFarlane, Tim Sale, Jim Lee, Terry Dodson and so many more...




This is a great comicshop in Paris, the owner is a friend. 


If you're looking for Art pages to buy, this is definitly the place to go.

As a customer I assure you that they are very serious and fast



Art pages, covers and sketches for sale ! Rojay is also an Artist and you can check his gallery