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This is my french home :) . After I left "comicverse", they offered me to join them and they are gentlemens so how could I refuse ?  there you'll find many news and articles plus the french translation of the interviews are there.

This website is where you need to go if you want all the news before everyone !


Comic Book Ressources : 

One of the best websites to be aware of all  the news form the Comics World ! Great articles and awesome interviews !!!

Basically it's a shopping website. But the reason i linked it here is because they got a pretty cool section where you can have a first look at most upcoming comics




Another french website updated everydays, where you'll find articles, reviews, interviews and galleries. Dedicated to US and french comics.



A french website that centralise all the infos for anything comics related. It's a little bit like a french version of thePulse or comics continuum

"The only site to be officially approved by Gabriele Dell'Otto": It's  a very good looking site with as much info on Gabriele as you need. Plus one of the webmaster expose there a pretty cool sketch of Dr Doom :)

A brand new french website where all the french Artists and Writers meet and talk


Great reviews, great conventions coverage, and some cool sketches galleries!

Large selection of Marvel Cover Scans, Reviews, Marvel Movies, Message Boards,  and Creative Team Listings.