Interview: Dwayne Turner


This interview was done through email beginning of December 2003 just before the artist came to France to do a huge "signing" trip ;)

Matthieu-David: Which artists influenced you the most ? And what are your influences in general ?

Dwayne Turner: I would say Neal Adams was one of my first influences. In general I look at the work of Illustrators in the magazine, advertising and book world.


M-D: Is there an artist you would you love to work with ? (writer, inker or colourist )  

D.T.: I would love to work with Don McGregor or Charles Holland again. I also really enjoyed working with Paul Jenkins.


M-D: On which comic book would you like to work or is there a specific character that you would like to work on ( can even be a dream project )?

D.T.: I would love to work on my own creation Butcher Knight when time is available. Of all the mainstream characters I’ve done, The Hulk is high on the list. I think Spawn, Wolverine and Black Panther would also be lots of fun.


M-D: If you hadn’t worked in comics, what would you have done for a living ?

D.T.: I would have wanted to paint for a living. My original plan was to paint movie posters and portraits. I might starve but I could paint lots of nude girls.


M-D: If you were a comic book character, who would you be ? and why ?

D.T.: It would be the Hulk. The obvious reason is I could do serious damage to anything standing in my way. The other answer is that I would never have to worry about what clothes to wear. With magic purple pants who needs to think about clothes.



M-D: What’s your favourite movie ?

D.T.: This list could get very long. Fisher King is one of my all time favourites. Anything made by Gilliam. I guess anything made by Coppola, Scorssese, Oliver Stone and David Lynch.


M-D: What’s your favourite song ?  

D.T.: Parliament Funkadelic and or Prince music works for me.

M-D: What’s your favourite book ?  

D.T.: The Biography of Malcom X

M-D: What's your favorite beverage ?

D.T.: When in France my favourite drink is different than when I’m in the states, guess why.

M-D: Is there a comic book character that you really can’t stand ? which one and why ?  

D.T.: I can't  stand whatever character I am drawing when my deadline is really tight. Nothing is fun when the schedule is really squeezing you.

M-D: What is your best achievement so far ?

D.T.: Personally in comics getting Butcher KNight done is my best achievement. Spawn and Wolverine are a close second and third.


M-D: you worked on a lot of titles from “Power of the atom” to “ Authority” , on which title did you have the most creative freedom ?

D.T.: No doubt it was Spawn. It was also the most fun.


M-D: What surprised you the most when you arrived in Paris ?  

D.T.: What surprised me the most was how much I loved it. I could live there with no problem. I love the city, the architecture the people everything.



M-D: Is there a question no one ever asked you in interview  and what would be the answer ?

D.T.: No one has ever asked me if I’ve ever hung out with Bob Guccione and his Penthouse pets. And the answer would be YES!  


M-D: And since My website is on Dr Doom mainly :

How would you describe the character : DR DOOM ?

D.T.: The coolest villain in comics.

M-D: Who do you think wrote Dr Doom the best ?

D.T.: The best Doom stuff was the old Kirby FF stories.

M-D: Who draw Dr DOOM the best in your opinion ?



Thanks a lot Dwayne !