Interview: Eduardo Risso


 This interview was done through emails in May 2004


Matthieu-David: Which artists influenced you the most ? And what are your influences in general ?

Eduardo Risso: I consider that I was influenced by every artist work that I had at the front of my eyes, and somehow if this makes me take some knowledge, I took it. If I have to mention the ones from who I obtained better things, they are Alberto Breccia, Jose MuŮoz and Moebius.



M-D: On which comic book would you like to work or is there a specific character that you would like to work on ( can even be a dream project )?

E.R.: To think about a dream project within comics would steal the pleasure to enjoy the one that Iím doing at this moment, so I donít think about this. What I would really love to do is to be involved in a film project, living every second inside the set.

M-D: If you hadnít worked in comics, what would you have done for a living?

E.R.: Who knows it? The near possibility was to continue with my fatherís mechanic workshop Ė thatís the work that my brother does until today. It wasnít the kind of future that I wanted for me, and I had the luck to have a second chance, just searching for it.


M-D: Could you describe your typical day ?
E.R.: I wake up early in the morning (earlier than I want) because I have to take my children to the school Ė sometimes I do this task, sometimes my wife does it. After that, I walk 15 minutes to my studio. I love to do this. Iím there with my assistant and some friends (who visit me once in a while) until noon. Then, I return to my house to lunch with my family and to take a little ďsiestaĒ Ė thatís essential to recharge energy. In the afternoon, I return to the board, together with my assistant and more friends - their presence becomes very important for me; when they cannot visit me the studio seems to be empty. I keep on working in this way for a reasonable time. Plus, I play paddle twice a week, and I take English lessons too.


M-D: If you were a comic book character, who would you be ? and why ?

E.R.: Someone with superpowers that allows me to put so many ruthless idiots, who start wars without taking care of what will happen to rest of the people thanks to their ambition, to start a dialog.

M-D: Whatís the weirdest drawing a fan asked you ?  

E.R.: I think that there wasnít a single one. One fan wanted to obtain "a cow", another one wants any character but like a goat, and other that requested any character of each artist but hanging on a cliff.  

M-D: The cliff guy : Walt ! , he got an awesome collection here:

M-D: Did you have some hard times in your career? Which ones and how did you deal with those?

E.R.: They were two. The first was during a long disease that put my father in a hospital. I have the chance to escape from this reality for a while making "Parque Chas", and return with strength and a certain kind of wisdom that all my surroundings needed. The second happened when I went from the Italian market to the American. I was almost a year without work, with the economic consequences that a situation like this can cause in a family like mine, with three little boys. Until the first work appeared, my friends and my family support encouraged me to continue.


M-D: What is your best achievement so far ?

E.R.: .: I donít know. I donít think I must be the one who analyze this. I try to give the best in each one of my works; even though this is not always reflected in commercial success.


M-D: What material do you use for your art ? what type of pencils do you use ?
E.R.:To make pencils: any kind of pencil that has a light line and it allows me to play with the forms without transforming the page into a mess. 

For inks: black ink markers of different thicknesses to fill the black spaces.


M-D: What's your favourite type of scripts? Very detailled or not?

E.R.:Surely my favorites were the ones that abound in details to consider for the development of the history but without stealing me any freedom to narrate it graphically.


M-D: how do you look back at your past work ?  do you critizise your work a lot ?

E.R. : Iím still happy with them, because I understand that they must serve me to grow up. I learn from them to surpass mistakes and to improve whatever I done.


M-D: you did work a lot with French publishers

E.R.: None of my works published by French publishers was done by order of them. Lamentably, when the proposals began to appear to do something directly to the French market, I was already working for the American one, and this demands all my time. 

M-D: have you ever been to Paris? And if so what surprised you the most when you arrived?

E.R.: I have the luck of having been in Paris in several opportunities. Itís so pretty that never stops to surprise me. I keep on surprising when I see that Europe in general preserve their culture and their roots, and this surprise is transformed into a certain disagreement when paradoxically some people fights to each other forgetting the effort invested from their ancestors to preserve this. This is the kind of paradox of the human stupidity that surprised me in every place that I have the pleasure to go.



M-D:  And since my website is focused on Dr Doom How would you describe this character ?

E.R.: I am sorry , i'm not familiar with the character


M-D: no problem at all ;)  thanks for the interview Eduardo !


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