Welcome to my own personnal collection of Dr Doom sketches ! I started to go to conventions at a time where I needed to keep myself busy and my mind away from certain things. Then pretty fast the main reason became to meet artists i appreciate, talk to them and collect sketches around one character mainly : Dr Doom!

But why Dr Doom ? Well some close friends of mine ( Noelle and Roland ) named me Dr Doom back when i was a teenager ( i was around 10 or 11 i believe ) because I shared some similar features with this fictionnal character. And i've always liked Dr Doom. The nickname stayed and i  kept reading his appearances in various comics... so when i had the opportunity to ask for sketches, the choice seemed pretty obvious.

And i like the idea of asking the same character to different artists. Like that i get to see very different interpretations.

 I'd like to thank all the artists i had the chance to meet for the great time i had with them and for offering me their vision of DR DOOM. Thanks a lot for those great gifts !!! ( Most of those sketches were done at conventions and some were done at their home )


Also I 'd like to thank the Cliff guy 'cause i borrowed the presentation of this section from him. Go check his website too , he's got an impressive collection of sketches