Aleksi Briclot

( Spawn Simonie,...)


Done at the "Paris BD" convention on friday June 13th  2003


Comment: Aleksi is an extremely nice an talented artist. When I first met him at the con' he was doing mainly spawn sketches ( his "Spawn Simonie" just came out at that time ) but I was really eager to see his vision of Dr Doom.

I had a gold pen for signatures on my comics, And Aleksi said to me that he was curious to use it on the sketch but that he didn't dare because it might ruin it. I asked him to try and here is the result, pretty cool huh ?

there is not much i can say about this first meeting , 'cause their was a band near the booth we were standing and they were playing awfully lood. So aleksi and I , unfortunately, didn't get to talk at all.

 Later we started to chat on the internet and he invited me to a exhibition of his art in the bar : "les furieux". I was pretty sure I would have to walk in with a big sign but nope as soon as I entered the place, Aleksi recognised me !

Needless to say the exhibition was astonishing.  He is a very very talented artist and you should see more of his art soon I hope. Until then you should really check his website: 

sidenote: As the writer of "Spawn Simonie" ( Alex Nikolavitch ) passed by, Aleksi grabed his arm and asked him to add something on the sketch . So he wrote at the bottom: " and the other Alex who was passing by ,  minding his own buisness"  LOL