Denis Bajram

( Cryozone, Universal War One,...)


Done wednesday 6th November 2002 in the shop "la FNAC" in Paris.


Comment: Amazing ! I  wasn't on a movie set on that wednesday afternoon and Denis Bajram was at a comic shop signing. After I saw a great dr Doom painted sketch he did some time ago for the Zabalou Website, i was really eager to meet him . Denis is really nice and talkative. For him the signing is " a meeting between the fans and the artist and where the sketch is really optionnal..." . Huh OK, I agree but huh... can I get my Doom please ? ;) 

Denis doesn't make painted sketch anymore but he offers me to do a pencil sketch " a la Kirby" : " Well as if Kirby was  drawing now... So i'll do it like John Byrne."

He tells me that he should have done a career in U.S. comics instead of european comics. When I tell him that it's not too late, his anwer is kinda pessimistic: "It is too late! the U.S. comics are falling apart ! Even John Byrne wants to work in Europe." ( Well my opinion is that it has more to to with the fact that John Byrne has a bad relationship with Marvel and DC but Denis seems to pretty confident so...)

He adds that he could see his comic "Universal War One" eventually become a movie directed by Christophe Gans " if he doesn't direct it the way he did Brotherhood of the Wolf" ( Gans also directed "Crying Freeman")