Benjamin Basso



Done at his home , january 15th, 2004


Comment: Ben is an upcoming Artist that I met when i stumbled on his website and after a friend said very good things about him. Ben is an extremely nice guy and it's impossible not to become friend with him. I did an interview with him for a french website and we chatted from time to time. He had to go to Angouleme in 2004 for buisness and since i went for a day, he offered to meet. Unfortunately the meeting was pretty short but Ben had a surpise for me and you're looking at it right now ;) , pretty cool huh ?

Sidenote: this website owes a lot to Ben. wouldnt look as good without him : he is responsible for the navigation buttons, for coloring the logo, for doing awesome and yet classy flyers. Ben thank you very much for your friendship and for your help. I owe you :)