Done  february 8, 2004 at the PJC convention in Paris


Comment: I wanted to meet Bruno for quite a while. but i wasn't sure to meet him this time since the "PJC" was supposedly organised by my ex-partners from the first website i co-created . ( I say "supposedly" because as always they didn't do much beside taking credits for someone else work ). So anyway I decided to give it a try and here I am in front of Bruno Bellamy. Bruno is famous for his pin-ups the so-called "Bellaminettes" so it was logical that i asked for a dr Doom "Bellaminette". and he agreed very nicely.  Some people must think i'm nuts for asking those stuff lol , but Bruno didn't seem to mind ! So here is another weird association ! thanks a lot Bruno.

you should go check his website ( in the links section ) ; it's awesome and he got a step by step section where he explains how he draws !

Sidenote: I was  lucky to get to meet Bruno because it didn't take long for my former partners to find a lame excuse to make me leave the con',  jerks !