( Superman/Gen 13, Batman/Deathblow, ...)


Done Saturday january 24th 2004 at the Angouleme Festival  



Comment: Yep I was in Angouleme for a few hours ! A friend of mine, Fabrice took me and we left Paris at  3 am to get there around 10 am and we left Angouleme at 7pm. Quite an experience in itself ! To be  honest I didn't expect to grab any sketches but i wanted to meet a couple of people there : Among them Lee Bermejo of course ! So i went in line for Lee. Lee did absolutely wonderfull pieces of Art but unfortunately he took more than an hour per piece. When I got in front of him he realised that there were still many people waiting for him so he asked me if it was ok if he only did short sketches from now on and said he was sorry.  Well of course it was ok and this for two reasons : - first I didn't even expect i would get a sketch from Lee Bermejo or from anyone since I went for a day and the place was packed  - Second : As cheesy as it may sound , i see sketches as a gift from an Artist. Of course some look better than others but I so hate when fanboys complain that they didn't get a full figure or that the Artist didn't take as long for his as for the previous one.

So to sum up, i'm very glad i got to meet and talk with Lee and I'm very happy that he agreed to offer me his vision of Dr Doom, it was the icing on the cake ;)