Gabriele Dell'otto

( Marvel visions, FF 56 ( cover), The call ( cover), Secret War...)


Done at  "GaŽl" comicshop in 2001


Comment: It was the first time I met Gabriele, He was  very nice but I was kinda frustrated 'cause I didn't speak italian and Gabriele's english was worst than mine ( Now his english is pretty good but my Italian still suck :)  ) . So we didn't speak much. Also the guy who organised the signing was a thief 'cause he charged 10$ for a sketch.  I'm not saying that charging money for sketches is bad. Even if i see sketches as a gift from the artist I totally understand that as original piece of art they have a commercial value ( way more than 10 $ ) . the reason why I say this was bad in that particular case is because Gabriele wasn't aware of that and that he didn't get any money at all. And the guy who got the money made him work extra hours after the shop was closed just because he cashed so many requests.

Hopefully, Gabriele wasn't turned off  by this experience because he came back to Paris several times and made a lot of fans happy.

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