Terry Dodson

( Generation X,Harley Quinn, Trouble, Spiderman/Black Cat... )


 Done at the Album comicshop in Paris  September 19th 2003


Comment: Fist time Terry came to Paris, I couldn't see him as I was stuck on a movie set. Hopefully I wasn't working the second time he came. Needless to say that I wasn't sure Terry would agree to draw me a Dr Doom . And all the people before me were asking for female pin-ups of course. But Terry liked the idea of doing his version of the famous Doctor even if he tought I might be disappointed. I asked if he wanted a visual reference but Terry told me that he wanted to do his very own version without any infuence. So here it is !

Thanks Terry, It is a very unique version of Dr Doom and I'm not disappointed at all , don't worry :)

Sidenote: Since the place wasn't too crowded , i went in  line again and got a pretty cool Spidey from Terry for the little brother of a friend of mine.