David Finch

( Wolverine, Ascension, Aphrodite IX, ultimate X-men...)

done at Valenciennes, the 11/04/00  

Comment: This beautifull sketch was done with a black ballpoint pen ( first time David used one he told me ) and starting from Doom's finger.

David is extremely talented ( I'm so glad that he got to work on a big high profile comics like Ultimate x-men, he deserves it ) and such a nice guy!

During the lunch break, Marcia Chen asked him to charge for his sketches like Joe Benitez was doing from the morning. When I heard that i was kinda scared 'cause I was the first in line for the afternoon session and i didn't have any more money after paying for the trip from Paris. I was already thinking of asking friends to give me some money. But when David came back he continued to draw highly detailed sketches for free.

When he gave me the sketch, my jaw literally droped and he just asked very humble: " you like it ? i like it so so, but thanks it's very nice of you " 

Thanks a lot David for this beautifull  gift !