Gil Formosa

( Strangers, Robur...)


Done at his home in June 2003


Comment :  You wonder how I ended up with this kiss ass sketch ? let me tell you the origine of this great gift : I went with two friends ( rookie and Fabrice ) to a very small con' where Gil Formosa was invited. The reason why I came was because i didn't know Gil ( only by reputation) so I wanted to meet him, do an interview with him and hopefully get a small sketch of his vision of Dr Doom.

Gil was as nice as I had heard he was but because the place was crowded, Gil offered to do the interview through emails and to do my dr Doom sketch and the sketches for my friends at his home. ( Isn't that cool ? )

So at the next convention, Gil came with our sketches and we found the time to have a great chat.

Thanks a lot for offerering me your vision of Dr Doom.

Go check Gil's website :


Side note: As  you can see Gil wrote " longue vie au Comicverse" which means " long life to the Comicverse", that was the website I was working on and doing interviews for before I got fed up with the intern problems and decided to do my own thing. So for me now: "Comicverse is dead, long life to Latveria" :)