Stuart Immonen

( Shockrockets, Thor, fantastic Four, Hulk, Superman...)


Done at the comicshop " Album" , in Paris, in 2001


Comment: Stuart was drawing all his sketches from head to toe which is extremely rare in comics shop signings. Usually there is only time for a head sketch but Stuart insisted on doing the whole character. And everyone had a sketch.

Stuart noticed on my other sjetches that doom wasn't wearing his gun at his belt ( something you see only in his first appearances ), so he insisted in adding it.

so here is my Old School Dr Doom , thanks to Stuart !

I had the chance to meet him again a year later but i couldn't wait in line for a sketch, I just came to do a short interview for  but i saw the sketches he was doing then and I was really impressed by the quality and originality of those.

By the way I saw some pages for his upcoming Superman project and it's breathtaking !

Here is his personnal website :