Richard Isanove

( Origin, 1602,...)


 Done Saturday january 24th 2004 at the Angouleme Festival  


Comment: so i went for  a day in Angouleme mostly for the fun of it ( doing the trip on the same day is quite an advenure) and to salute Artists friends : Cammo, Gabriele and Francis. When I realised that Richard Isanove was there I had to meet him! We briefly talked through JoeQ's forum but to meet him in personn was awesome. He is such a nice guy, answering to everyone. They were a couple of punks glued at the side of the table who didn't know who he was at all or what comics he was working on and they kept bugging and asking questions like who's the stronger between hulk and the Thing but Richard was very very nice to them, explained his work , answered every questions. I was really impressed since it was the end of the day and that he was here for 4 days already.

While the 2 punks were  catching their breath, Richard and I talked and he explained to me his technics on "1602" and how he worked with Andy Kubert. Even if Richard's colors are amazing on "1602" , it's not the only thing he did as Andy trusted him with more and more stuff.

Since Richard was sketching a few "wolverines" for the people in line , he asked me if i wanted one. Of course I jumped on the occasion to ask if he wouldn't mind doing a Dr Doom instead . Richard asked me wich one I wanted : the regular or the one from "1602", I let him choose and here is "Handsome Doom" as he calls him.

Needless to say that i'm extremely happy to have his vision of Doom but what made it even greater is that i got to see him draw it and paint it !