Ivan Brandon

( Terminator, Tuule... )


Done at the collector's rdv convention in Paris in October 2003


Comment: OK so you must be wondering how come I got an Ivan Brandon sketch ? did I bugged him to have it  ? Wasn't I aware that he is a writer... And am I proud that after this first sketch, people kept asking him sketches ? ;)

So I was in front of Leandro Fernandez who was drawing  a Dr Doom for me and we were discussing along with Ivan and Giuseppe Camuncoli who were next to Leandro.

And as we were talking and joking, Giuseppe said to Ivan : "Hey Ivan you used to draw right ? so you should offer him a Dr Doom sketch". I didnt know what to say, Ivan asked me if I wanted one. Of course I said yes but I didn't want to bother him.

So here it is : the first sketch in a long time by writer/artist Ivan Brandon . This is totally cool !

I had the chance to talk a little with Ivan and we kept in touch trough emails. I really look forward for seing him again !

Check Ivan's website at : http://www.ivanbrandon.com/