Jean-Jacques Dzialowski

(  Detective Comics, Batgirl, Legends of the dark knight...)


 Done at home in November 2002

Comment :  Yeah Yeah I know what you think : He already has a Dr Doom by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski, why does he ask for another one ? Well let's get something straight: the reason is not because I didn't like the first one ( I totally love it ! )

So here is the explanation: At a diner with my former colleagues from the Comicverse, Jean-Jacques offered to draw for each of us any character we wanted, so I tried to choose another character but I couldn't resist... Yeah I nknow I'm a  very sick person :)

Anyway, this sketch left me speechless, it is awesome! Jean-jacques is very very talented ! Amazing what can be done with a pencil and an eraser : look at the fabric of the cloth, the cape, the shadows, the rain, you can even feel the wind. By the way didn't you notice how Jean-Jacques use the weather to define a character ?

thanks for this sketch  and for your friendship J-J !

Sidenote: check the little graffiti the infamous Reed Richards left ;)