Jean-Jacques Dzialowski

(  Detective Comics, Batgirl, Legends of the dark knight...)

Done in Valenciennes in 2001


Comment: It was the first time I met Jean-Jacques ! I was really impressed by his technic ( and i still am ! ).

I really wanted to ask him a dr Doom but I was kind of anxious because the guy before me already asked for one.  I  even provided him  some visual for the mask ( Am I a nice guy or what? :) Hum now that i think of it, the guy before me didn't even thank me... oh well...there are jerks everywhere I guess...).

So anyway i was anxious because i didn't want to bore Jean-Jacques by asking the same character again.  Then again I had to ask a dr Doom... Well if Jean-Jacques was bored, he didn't show it at all 'cause his take on  Dr Doom is great  as you can see.

And I can tell you that the scann is pretty bad compared to the original as you can't see all the shadow effects.