Jae Lee

( Inhumans, Namor, FF1234, Sentry...)


Done the 01/22/02 at Arkham comicshop in Paris


Comment: Well  I have to say that since I read Jae Lee's Namor, I dreamed of one day getting a dr Doom sketch by him. So of course when he came to Paris i  came a little early to make sure i woudn't miss him. Ok i came 5 hours early ! I know its insane but i wasn't working that day so... Anyway as you can imagine i was first in line.

When Jae arrived I was kinda nervous : first  he didn't have any pencil or pen and the comicshop just gave him an old crappy pen and also Jae was very quiet and because i was shy i didn't speak to him at all ( beside my usual nerdy " I love your work" ). Anyway I'm very happy I met him ( even briefly) and I'm happy I got his Dr Doom.  And when you see the result, you wouldn't believe he had only a crappy pen

Side note : Jae took a lot of time to think of how he would represent Dr Doom before deciding to draw him without the hood ( pretty original and the result is great ! )

Side note: To make sure he wouldn't forget any details he even picked one of his issues of  FF 1234 !