Jim Dandy


Done at the convention "Paris BD" in June 2003.


Comment: You may not know Jim Dandy ( which is not his real name but I swore not to reveal his true identity ;) )  but soon you will . I hope for you anyway cause Jim is a great guy with a strange sens of humor :) . He is famous for doing comicstrips and little parodic characters for french publisher SEMIC.

So when I met him, I asked if he could transform dr Doom into his parodic character... and Tada here it is !

The bubble says: " Damn, it's always raining in this country!" ( sounds like Latverian weather is similar to the one in Paris )

Thanks a lot Mathias... ( *oups* part of the secret identity down the flush *oupsy* ;) ) .. I really hope to see more of your work soon !