( Gabriele )


 Done at the "Japan Expo" in Paris , 6 july 2002


Comment: Kara is a very good artist with a manga influence, so he was pretty surprised when i asked him a character from an american comics. I told him that as usual i was looking for the artist's view of the character so i asked him to draw Dr Doom the way he wanted. and here is the result : a mix between Doom, "Cobra" and Hannibal from the "A-TEAM" !

It's funny that he chose "Cobra" to add a manga flavor to the sketch because i used to love that cartoon when i was a kid but we didn't speak about it and i would never have thought to mix it with Dr Doom. So it was a very pleasant surprise.

Kara has a huge knowledge of Manga culture and he taught me a few things while he was doing the sketch ( beside "Cobra", "Mazinger" and "Akira" i didn't know anything about manga )

By the way, i said that it's also a mix with Hannibal from the "A-TEAM" because the caption says what Hannibal always says at the end of a mission. I bet he doesn't say the same thing in French and in English but here you can read something like: " I love when a plan  goes smoothly!"