Malo Kerfriden

( Quarterback )

Done at the  Festival BD Delcourt in Paris , September 2002


Comment: Malo asked me if i wouldn't mind  going  back at the end of  the line since i'm asking for something a little different ( Dr Doom), on a paper ( Most french artists only accept to do sketches on the comic itself) and that David ( from Comicverse) and I intend to do an interview too. No problemo. Well actually there is a problemo cause when it 's my turn, Malo is dead tired and he tells me that he is gonna mess it.

Well i have to admit that is Dr Doom looks a lot like the Spectre but hey he agreed to draw me his vision of Dr Doom so for that i thank him and also we had a great time and laughed ( which is also the purpose of a signing I think ) : He asked me why Dr Doom and i told him it was because i share a lot of "qualities" with the character. He ansered: "But he is scary , he looks like a serial killer! well what if we both go on a killing spree ? I kinda feel like a serial killer too!"

By the way: It's when I saw the Dr Doom sketch done by his buddy Gérald Parel that he agreed to do one for me (" well if Gerald did it, i guess i don't have much of a choice, do I ? ").  Thanks Gérald :)