Leandro Fernandez

( The Hulk, Wolverine... )


Done at the collector's rdv convention in Paris in October 2003


Comment: Leandro is an incredibly talented and nice artist! So when I asked him his vision of Dr Doom, he didn't hesitate a bit.

Pretty cool huh ? Dr Doom looks really impressive and I really like what Leo did with the hood.

As I wasn't officialy part of the organisers, I didn't get to talk much with the artists unfortunately. Luckily when I did the interview with  Leo by e-mails we got to chat  a lot .  So basically this is trough emails that I got to know Leandro and  let me tell you that he is one of the friendliest artists i've met.

I look forward to see him again.

Check his website : http://fernandez.redsectorart.com/