Stephane Louis

(Miss Deeplane, Tessa)

Done at the convention " Paris-jouets-collections" the 04/07/2002


Comment: So I already had a dr Doom sketh by Loulou, you would think i would ask for something else this time ? Nope :)  I wanted Another one but this time in a SD ( "super deformed" ) style :) .

For those who didn't have the chance to meet Loulou in a con' yet,  there is something you should know : this guy makes tones of  play on words and jokes  and this time was no exception :

Check the Logo on the wine bottle ( ok the scann is crappy, i'm gonna help you it' a number ;) ), and our little drunk Doom is saying: "Wine is Fantastic...Burp, I see everythin' in four!!!"


Don't forget to check his website here :