David Mack

( Daredevil, Kabuki, Alias... )

 Done at the Album comicshop the 28 january 2002


Comment:  A couple of weeks before I met David Mack in Paris, I had the chance to talk to him on his chat-room. At one point I asked him if he would agree to draw me his vision of Dr Doom when  we met at a signing, and he agreed. When I finally met him, David remembered me and was kind enough to offer me his Dr Doom. And i really love it, thanks David.

David used the sketch Angel Medina did for me as a reference.

The day after, while he was still doing sketches in another bookshop with Jeff Smith, he told him that my Dr Doom was in his opinion the best sketch he did that day ! You can imagine how proud i was :) 

Did you know ? :David does his sketches standing up.

Here is David Mack website : http://nohtv.com/