Chris Malgrain 

( gladiateur de bronze, Strangers...)


 Done at the convention "Paris BD" 2003, Friday 13th of June. 


Comment :  ah ah ! At last I have Chris' vision of my favorite character and it was worth the wait.  and i was close to miss it 'cause everytime i got in line, Chris was replaced by another artist 30 mn later ( the booth wasn't big enough for all the artists so they kept rotating). So after my third attempt I quited. Hours later as i was just passing by, Chris who was not at the booth anymore ( he had done sketches from the early morning and it's was almost 6pm ) , saw me, grabed me by the arm and took me to a small table in a corner where he started drawing this Dr Doom! I was speechless ! Chris even added the fantastic four !

Thanks a lot Chris! Thanks for this great gift and for the cool discussions we had afterwards ! I had a blast !