Francis Manapul

( Withcblade...)



 Done monday, january 19th at the Album comicshop in Paris


Comment:It was great to finally meet Francis ( since we talked for a little while on the net before we met). Needless to say he was aware of my dr doom fetish ;) so he wasn't too surprised when at the signing I asked for a dr doom sketch. Actually i think it was a relief for him after drawing something like 20 Witchblade sketches in a row !

Francis is an extremely nice guy and very professional : When I had the chance to go for a day to Angouleme, I took that opportunity to say "hi!" to Francis who was there too, finishing a big signing marathon he did all over France. Well Francis had caught a bad flue couple of days earlier and looked really miserable, but it didn't stop him and  he spent the 5 days of Angouleme drawing sketches to all the fans ! When he got back to Paris, we met again for an interview ( I know i'm late on putting it online, i'm sorry )  and he invited me for diner with his french editors ( Thierry and Jeff ). After that because it was his last night in Paris I took him to a couple of bars with Jim Layné ( also from the french editing company ). Since it had been a while since i went out , all the bars i knew no longer existed lol so we ended up in a Canadian bar full of guys: Exactly the opposite of what Francis looked for :) . Still we had a great time and i really look forward meeting him again. And this time i'll find a nice french bar full of nice french girls :) promise ! :)