( Cosmic Patrouille,Crossovers...)


Done in June 2003 at the "Paris BD"convention.


Comment: The Day before,  Mauricet had offered me a sketch of Dr Doom with his regular style ( which I love ) . So the day after I went to see him with my "Cosmic Patrouille" Album and I aked him for another sketch of dr Doom but this time with the "cosmic patrouille" style (  in the album you can have a glimpse of him in an Antics Shop where Spidey is engaged to put some webbings to make things look older :) ) .

And the ballon says: I hate you Matthieu-D...humm Reed Richards !

But no worries Momo doesn't hate me ( right Momo ? ) , it was just for the ballon. Actually Mauricet is such a nice guy, i'm almost sure he can't hate anyone.

By the way "Cosmic Patrouille" is an incredibly funny comics making fun of all the costumed super heroes,.Unfortunately it was poorly distributed and is very very hard to find. Thisis really too bad 'cause i would have loved to read one or two sequels.