Done at the Festival BD Delcourt in September 2002


Comment : I first discovered a french comic book called "dungeon" in jully 2002, thanks to my friend Damien. So when I heard that the artist for the latest volume was going to be at the "Festival Delcourt" I just couldn't resist. I had to have a Doom in the "dungeon" style and Mazan who is an extremely nice guy agreed to satisfy my weird obsession for Doom.

He even added Colors !!! His differents paints were on several paper plates and we had to look hard to find some dark green ( even if my friend Rookie, behind me, was trying to convince us that pink would do just fine!)

So here is my first Doom in Color :) !, thanks a lot Mazan !

sidenote: During the interview I did with him, Mazan told me that He created a comicbook character that he called "Iron-Matt" ( he was 10 at that time though). I wonder what "Iron-Matt" looked like, I'll ask him next time if i get the chance to meet him again.