Angel Medina

( Warlock, Sam & Twitch, Hulk, Spawn...)

Done at the Album comicshop in Paris in january 2001


Comment:  The deal this time at the signing was that Angel or the shop provided xerox copie of a drawing where Angel drew us sketches in the little free space provided.

Well i insisted on having my sketch on my blank paper instead , even if  it would be a smaller sketch. ( 'Cause it would have been weird to have a Dr Doom sketch on a paper with a big Spawn already on it )

Angel was kind enough to accept my request. Needless to say, the fans waiting in line after me were pretty happy too 'cause they seized that opportunity to ask for a sketch on a blank paper ( yeah that's me... always working my ass off for the other fans... Were is my medal ? ;) )

By the way : When i asked David Mack for a Dr Doom sketch, he chose to look at Angel's sketch for reference.