Bill Morrison

( The Simpsons, Futurama, Marvel Double shot... )


 Done at the Wagram Convention, in Paris , the 10/04/1999.


Comment: If this sketch reminds you of some cult cartoon about an average american family, you're  in the good direction.

"The Simpsons", created by Matt Groening were taken to the comic world thanks to Bill Morrison's pencils!

I'm a big fan of the Simpsons, so when I met him i couldn't resist to ask him a Simpson version of the Doctor. To my surprise, Bill  gladly agreed to do it. While he was doing the sketch, he was explaining to me how to transform any character into a Simpson. ( you have to start the top of the face normally, then the deformation  start with the upper lip ).

While we were joking, Bill told me that he could see that new character say "Bite my shiny metal mask !" . I asked him if he could add it to the sketch and here it is.

I particulary like this sketch and from that moment I always asked to artists their own version of dr Doom instead of a generic Dr Doom.

By the way, did you know that Bill started his career drawing super-heroes like Superman and Batman ?

Side note: I almost didn' get that sketch because a friend of mine liked  the Simpsons so i wanted to get a sketch for her first.  The thing is, we stoped talking to eachother, so after a lot of thinking, i decided it was ridiculous to get her a gift since I would probably not see her anymore and i decided to think about me first. I had some regrets after getting my Doom but since she didn't make any effort to see me again, I have no more regrets now.