Nathan Kane

( The Simspsons, Futurama )


Done at the Album comicshop in Paris  in January 2003


Comment: This was a raining day. I remember because I ran after the day of shooting wrapped ( yep i was on another short film) , 'cause i didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet Nathan Kane. I remember that it was raining  'cause I slipped on my way to the Comicshop, So i was covered with mud ( and knees and arm almost as hurt as my ego ;) ) when I arrived. I probably made quiet an impression on Nathan :).

Anyway Nathan was extremely nice and we talked a bunch and he agreed to draw me his vision of Dr Doom which I love.

The funny thing was that he heard of me by the french editors of the Simpsons comics because of the sketch of Dr Doom, Bill Morrison offered me in 1999. So now I'm known as the doomguy and the mudguy ;)

Sidenote: the day after I had the chance to meet him again and He offered me a sketch of Homer as Darth Vader. I have one regret though, It seemed that he had no plan for diner and his editors were busy. And at that time I was to shy to offer him to take him to diner or show him Paris a little. ( also I was flat broke and I had other engagements that evening ) . But still I really regret this because Nathan was so nice with everyone, the least I could do was be a guide for a few hours or offer him a drink.

I'll make up for it next time he comes that's all I can say