Kevin O'Neill

( League Of Extraordinary gentlemen, Marshal Law, green Lantern Corps, Judge Dredd...)


At the Album comicshop in Paris  the 07/07/2005


Comment: At last  !  Well i say at last because i think it's the forth time Kevin does a signing in Paris and until today no matter how i planned it , i always add a movie shoot the same day ! And i so wanted to have Mr O'Neill's vision of Dr Doom.  A guy from the shop offered to get some visuals but Kevin and I prefered not. After all i wanted his vision of Dr Doom and Kevin prefered to rely on his childhood memory of the character and add his own twist. 

So this is what Dr Doom would look like in "The League of extraordinary Gentlemen" .

sidenote :  Am i the only one to feel that  Dr Doom's personality and background looks a lot  like Nemo ? ;)