Carlos Pacheco

( Fantastic Four, X-men, Avengers Forever,JLA/JSA,...  )


 Done at the wagram convention in Paris , the 10/03/99


Comment: This is my first sketch ever !!!!

I went to that con with a friend who is a starwars fan , so am I, well I was until Georges Lucas found a way to destroy the magic with his two last movies but...

Anyway I saw that comic books artists were there too. I stepped in so i could see their faces and what did I see: They were offering sketches ? people asked for their favorite character and the artist would draw it and offer it ! Wow ! I know it sounds very naive or cheesy but i was really not aware of this. So i got in line, asked someone a sheet of paper and when i arrived in front of Mr Pacheco i said something like " I love your work" ( i keep amazing myself  by how original and toughfull my conversation can be with artists *sigh*) and begged: "please would it be possible, could you...if you don't mind...  have a little sketch of Dr Doom... please...?" It was like his 2965th sketch of Dr Doom i'm sure but it was my first one and that's how I started my collection !