Gérald Parel

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 Done at the "Japan expo" in  Paris, the  7 july 2002


Comment: In my never ending quest for sketches of Dr Doom ( Do I sound like a sicko when i say that ? ;) ), I really wanted to get Gérald's vision of the character ( Prior to meeting him, i saw a lot of amazing sketches by him on Zabalou's website )

I was lucky I met him at the " Japan expo" 'cause he left less than an hour after his arrival. The organisation was pure chaos and the artists were left on their own with no indication where to sit and so on.

So Gerald just took the time to offer me this great sketch while answering questions for an interview i did for the Comicverse website, and after that he was gone.

Gerald came empty handed, so to do this sketch he had to borrow some black paint from the guy next to him and Voila ! :)