Andy Park

( Tomb Raider, Alias: Agent Bristow, Hybrids...)

Done at the "album" Comicshop in Paris the 11/13/1999


Comment: When I met Andy he had just started Tomb raider ( if I remember correctly ) and what surprised me the most was his age ! It sould be illegal to be that talented at that age ! what impressed me is that he just got of the plane and started drawing sketches for everyone and was talking to everyone .

Andy agreed instantly to draw me a dr Doom ( after drawing several Lara Croft for the fans before me ) and asked for a visual reference. He saw the first sketch Carlos Pacheco offered me and used it for reference. During all the time he drew the sketch, Andy couldn't stop saying how amazing Carlos' Art is!

Andy is very humble too, 'cause in my opinion his Art is as amazing as Carlos' Art !

Check Andy's website here:

Sidenote:  in june 2003, I met Carlos Pacheco again, so I couldn't help telling him that  story and showing him Andy's sketch. Carlos was flattered and really impressed by andy's Art :) .

Did I say that Andy was a great guy ? well now i said it ;)