Brandon Peterson

( Mystic, Arcanum, X-men, Chimera...)


Done at the " Arkham" comicshop the 28 january 2002


Comment: Brandon is a really nice guy but would have rather prefered to draw sketches of Crossgen characters rather than Marvel. ( Brandon just got promoted editor at Crossgen, that maybe the reason). But he was kind enough to offer me his Dr Doom!

Brandon was doing clean sketches. By that, I mean that after inking it, he erased his pencils. I think it's a shame because i like to see the way the sketch was created, for me the first pencils are like the bones of the drawing... but hey I won't complain ;) 

By the way, I wanted to add that Brandon was one of the artist working on the cross-over "X-cutioner Song"which for me was Marvel best cross-over ( I think that last remark is going to upset some people... oh well... )

Brandon got his own website here :