Essad Ribic

( Four Horsemen, The Underground, Wolverine covers...)


Done at the "Collectors Rendez-Vous" in Paris, Saturday 19th October 2002


Comment : When I met Essad, I only knew him through his work on  Wolverine's covers. His paintings are incredible and he has a very personnal vision of Logan.

So i was really curious to see his vision of Dr Doom, character that he had never drown before. And I wasn't  dissapointed ! I love the posture he gave him. It has a very powerfull and yet a very lonely feel to it.

I see Dr Doom as a very tragic character and from that sketch, i can say that it seems to also be Essad's point of view of Dr Doom.

Does he really look to you like the Big bad dictator who wants to destroy the world ? ;)