Steve Rude

( Thor : Godstorm, Spider-Man : Lifeline, Nexus, X-Men : Children of the Atom...))


 Done at the Wagram convention in Paris, October 2001 


Comment: Steve Rude is a very skilled artist but unfortunately he is not very accessible at the signings. He really behave like a star ( which is something he can do of course but i prefer when the artists are accessible ). So since he couldn't make people pay for the sketches ( because it was the way it was organised at the con ) he rushed most of them and did very few. I think it's a shame but maybe it has something to do with the two twins in front of me who made such a fuss they managed to piss him off ( just my luck to come after those two jerks ). Maybe I'll meet Steve again and the circumstances will be different. I hope so anyway...