Jeff Smith

(Bone,Rose... )


Done at the Album comicshop in Paris, the 28 january 2002


Comment: I couldn't resist when i met Jeff to ask him a Dr Doom. Jeff started to tell  me that he didn't know how to draw classic super heroes or villains but when he understood that what i really wanted was his own vision of Dr Doom, he tought the idea was cool. So mays I introduce the infamous : Dr BONE ! :)

Something bugged me when i asked Jeff to draw me Dr Doom, someone from the comicshop said aloud that i was a jerk for forcing artists to draw Dr Doom.  

It bugged me because i never forced an artist to draw me Dr Doom, I try to ask them in such ways that they can easily refuse without feeling they are disapointing me or somethin' . And it bugged me because i never judge what other fans request , and i expect people to do the same with me. It's not the first time people make negative comments on my Dr Doom collection and it won't be the last, but as long as i meet nice artists like Jeff Smith and that we have fun around my strange Dr Doom request... who cares about what other people think..


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