Stefano Tamiazzo



Done at a convention called " Japan Expo" in Paris the 7 jully 2002


Comment:  After watching Stefano draw beautifull sketches of " Porco Rosso", here comes my turn and i ask the artist if he would agree to draw me his vision of Dr Doom. It's weird  but every time i ask Dr Doom to a european artist i expect to be rejected, but Stefano was more than happy to oblige while we were doing an interview for It was a funny interview because I don't speak a word of Italian and Stefano doesn't speak French but we managed to do it in English ( kinda :) ).

Unfortunately we couldn't speak much since the people who organised the signing took him away ( litteraly ) to do more " serious" interviews.

Stefano first drew the main lines of the sketch with a red ink pen then he droped his brush in his Coffee ! Yep what you see on your left is not red paint , it's Coffee ! Which makes this sketch one of my most original Doom!

But i wonder... Is my sketch perishable then ?