Ciro Tota

( Photonik, Aquablue,...)

Done at the  Festival BD Delcourt in September 2002


Comment : I grew up reading marvel comics translated in french and in the french version Ciro Tota was often doing the covers. So i really wanted to get the chance to meet him and add his vision of Dr Doom to my collection.

I was kinda anxious 'cause since he stoped doing those covers years ago, I heard that Ciro didn't want to hear about comic character anymore ( with the exception of " Photonik" that he created and so was happy to draw when asked by fans )

As I didn't have any of his european albums ( in Europe artists almost never draw on loose sheet of paper, they only draw on a blank page of their album ) and because what i asked was a little different compared to the rest of the fans waiting, Ciro offers to draw me the sketch of Dr Doom after he is done with all the other fans. I, of course, agree but because it's already late i'm pretty sure it won't work.

So when the last of the fans leaves I'm still there, it's 7.30 pm and Ciro looks really tired ( he was supposed to leave at 6 pm ), I offer him to come back the day after but he insists to draw me the dr Doom i waited so long to get ;).  Thanks Mr Tota !