Jose Villarubia


 Done at the Arkham Comicshop, the 22 january 2002


Comment: Josť is as talented as he is nice and he is extremely nice !!!  And very funny too ! When arrived the time to dedicate the sketch and hearing that my first name was Matthieu-David, Josť started to make joke and talk a lot about "kitsh" french singer called " Mireille Mathieu". I was pretty surprised he knew that singer and we joked for a while. The morning after I spent a lot of time looking for a CD or tape of that singer but she is so "has been" now that i couldn't find any. Needless to say, I was pretty disapointed because I thought he would make a nice joke present for Josť.

Also I wanted to say that I'm very gratefull that Josť kept in touch with me, 'cause at one point I was associated with other guys on another website and some stupid comment were made at that time by a member I can't stand and this comment really hurted Josť. Unfortunately this member ( who of course didn't do it in purpose) was too proud to recognize his mistake and it took me 3 weeks to have the stupid comment erased. I was really ashamed to be part of this website and after a couple of other stupid moves on their part  I decided to leave and create my own place: Latveria. Then, I re-contacted Josť who answered me very nicely..